Paul Anthony Sayer

When did you start playing Kendama and why?

I started in 2015. Initially thought it was super dumb, but naturally I began messing with a friend's while round at his - at the time I was proof reading his college application. He got into that school and while he was there, he ordered a dama in my favourite colour to my house without telling me. I was hooked from that point on.

Where are you from?

Glasgow, Scotland

Favourite style and kendama game?

Late flips, spikes, steezy flowy stuff. Favourite Kendama game is Chase.

Favourite pro and not pro player?

Nic Stodd is my favourite pro. My non pro choice has gotta be Iain MacDonald, the man himself.

What other hobbies do you have?

I love shredding my fixed gear. I graduated uni with a film degree so anything surrounding photography, editing etc. I love. I dabble in circus stuff like juggling and fire-spinning. I’m a bit of a techno head.

Favourite kendama memory?

BKO 2018 when I won British champ and received a ticket to Romania to represent the UK at the European Championships.

Preferred string length and setup weights

7 fingers is my ideal right now. Anything around 73-81g. Ken and tama must be matched ;)