Marius Chastin Saunders

When did you start playing Kendama and why?

I knew about kendama for about a month before I really started playing it. Paul had invited me to his New Years party 2017/18 where I saw for the first time how much more there was to do with a kendama besides just the basic cups and spike. I was hooked from there.

Where are you from?

I was born and raised in Glasgow, Scotland but recently moved to Newcastle, England.

Favourite style and kendama game?

My favourite style of kendama has been taps, juggles and whirlwinds as its a very fast paced play style, As for my favourite game, you can never go wrong with a classic game of K.E.N however I personally love Blitz, the chess clock kendama game.

Favourite pro and not pro player?

My favourite pro player is Ben Herald for two reasons: he is a straight up wizard and he holds the record for inward whirlwinds. My favourite non pro player would have to be Teodore Fiorina.

What other hobbies do you have?

I have been doing parkour since I was a kid. I was recovering from an injury at the start of my dama career and because of that I took to it very quickly. I also love to fingerboard. I am a bit of a hobbyist.

Favourite kendama memory?

My most memorable moment for kendama was going to my first BKO (British Kendama Open) in 2019. There I had the pleasure of meeting most of the UK scene as well as a few others from Europe and America.

Preferred string length and setup weights

I swear by 6-7 fingers string length. Weights change but i prefer as close to weight matched as possible with a slightly lighter tama.