George “Gellis” Ellis

When did you start playing Kendama and why?

I’ve always been down the skatepark when I was younger and one of my friends who had recently stopped skating as much came down with this weird toy so I i was interested. Taught me how to big cup spike an I was hooked.

Where are you from?

I am from Ashford, England.

Favorite style and kendama game?

I love string tricks as the person who first taught me kendama was mostly all about string flow. As for games, my favourite game is the new game made by SK called Chase.

Favorite pro and not pro player?

I met Phillip Eldridge at a London jam where he sold me a hat and offered some essential tips in string flow which pretty much set me up for all my string tricks today. My favourite non pro is Marius Saunders - he can be soft but he slays.

What other hobbies do you have?

I have been skateboarding for years now.

Favorite kendama memory?

For me was when I was first started going round to my mates place (Ryan Sandow, Ollie Sandow) and the vibe they gave off for the toy.

Preferred string length and setup weights

5 finger string length and to be specific about weights the tama HAS to be 3 grams heavier than the ken.